Nature Made’s B12 Supplement Review

Whether you are just starting to get into vegan eating, or have been a veteran of the way of life it is agreed upon by many that follow this path need to keep a watchful eye on their B12 levels as simply eating organic produce (even when grown in B12-rich soul) will not offer the required amounts. But do not fear, as there is a simple yet healthy solution! Nature Made is a well-known and well respected brand which goes the hard mile when catering for the masses. They have a line of supplements designed for vegans which seem to be quite popular no matter where you go and as you would expect, they have something to ensure you never suffer B12 deficiency.
Nature Made Vitamin B-12 1000 MCG Sublingual Supplement, 50 Count
Nature Made’s Vegetarian B12 Dietary Supplement is like a little ball of perfection for your body in more ways than one. As we all know, B12 is essential for keeping the brain and nervous system functioning at one-hundred percent, as well as promoting the healthy formation of red blood cells. On its own this becomes a staunch ally of the struggling vegan in an ever increasing non-vegan world, but the goodness doesn’t stop there.
A common discovery made by those trying out different vitamin supplements is that all of a sudden they will have energy; they will have the power to life a bus! And then, they will hit the ground harder than a carnivores man being told meat is off the menu for the night. This is a serious issue with poorly made supplements that can ruin your entire day, but luckily Nature Made’s has got it right again. If their B12 supplement tickles your fancy, then you will no doubt find a constant stream of energy that doesn’t overpower you and drive you mad during the day, but supports you and lets you solider on through a world of frustration. Another thing to note is that, unlike other supplements that send you to bed with cramps or a horrible sick feeling when taken on an empty stomach, the Vegan B12 supplement suffers no such side effect and thus is even more valuable to those rushing out of the house to work, drop the kids off at school or get on with the day.

It is important to mention however that some people find this specific tablet difficult to manage as it interrupts their sleeping cycles. Our bodies are sensitive things and what one person can deal with, won’t always be the same for someone else. Due to the sudden increases in your levels of energy when taking Nature Made’s B12 supplement for the first time, or as a deficient person, it is a possibility that you will find it hard if not impossible to sleep, like you have just had a shot of caffeine. This is unfortunate but unavoidable, and you won’t know till you give it a try!

It is very likely that you may not even realise you need B12, but the signs could be hiding in plain sight! A common set of complaints from vegans suffering deficiency are headaches, needle like pains in the feet, weak muscles and what is colloquially known as brain fog (putting your keys in the freezer, forgetting to pick the kids up from school…you know, the little stuff!”
Since B12 provides a kick to your brain and nervous system it is no real surprise that most of these things can be solved and done away with inside of a week by simply ensuring you get your B12 levels back up.

The only real substantial complaint about Nature Made’s Supplements, specifically their vegan range, is that for the size of the bottle you get an underwhelming amount of tablets. A bottle that can easily hold perhaps fifty tablets contains only thirty, and while it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal if you are taking them once or twice a day, every day at $6.57 a bottle you may find that to be less economical than other brands, but it falls to your personal preference and if the positive effects outweigh the drawbacks!
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