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Meet Dr. Carl Myers

Dr Carl Myers - Owner & CEO of Nature's ExpressOn a Mission of Prevention – One Meal at a Time.

Dr. Myers is a Medical Oncologist and Chief Medical Officer of Yuma Regional Medical Center.

As the scientific data continues to pour in, confirming that our “modern” diet of processed food and factory produced animal products is causing many types of cancers, he wanted to be part of the effort to prevent the tragic results of our unhealthy diet.

Dr. Myers reminisces, “The last thing I ever wanted to do was own a restaurant. I had absolutely zero experience in the restaurant business… but sometimes one just has to go where your conscience leads you.

“The appreciation from happy customers gives me a lot of satisfaction. We are just scratching the surface as far as changing the culture. It helps that food made with better ingredients tastes so delicious.

“ I think the skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity and doubling of diabetes has finally gotten the public’s attention. We just can’t afford the healthcare costs that are tied to the way we eat. If we don’t change our diets, we can kiss the American dream good-bye.”

“The fast food culture is still a growing part of American life – the convenience and price is unbeatable and high fat, high sugar, high salt food is irresistible, even to the majority of people who really do want to protect their health.

Nature’s Express is committed to helping people find delicious, convenient, affordable food that is also nutritious. Keeping everything plant based dramatically decreases the toxic organic pollutants, hormones, and antibiotics that are consistently found in our dairy and meat products.

Our philosophy on our food is pretty simple:

1) Fresh ingredients cooked daily

2) Delicious

3) Nutritious and unprocessed

4) Affordable

The results are astonishing. People are constantly telling us:

“I noticed the pounds coming off right away”

“My skin looks better than it ever did…even without makeup”

“The food is delicious, I would never have believed it if I hadn’t tried it”

I wish everyone the best of health!” – Dr Carl Myers


Dr. Myers’ undergraduate degree in psychology and his M.D. were earned at the University of Cincinnati. His internal medicine residency was at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and his oncology fellowship was served at the University of Vermont. He practiced oncology at the Racine Medical Clinic in Wisconsin from 1982 until 1987.

While practicing in Wisconsin, Dr. Myers earned his MBA at the University of Chicago Executive Program. In 1986 Dr. Myers became Wisconsin Health Organization’s (WHO) first VP of Medical Affairs. He was one of the three senior managers on WHO’s successful IPO road show. In 1991 he left WHO to become the Chief Medical Officer with Intergroup of Arizona.

One of his projects was the development of the Utah subsidiary. He became the Chairman of Intergroup of Utah until Intergroup was sold to Foundation Healthcare in 1995. He founded a healthcare consulting firm in 1996 and worked in healthcare system consulting until 1999.  Dr. Myers then decided to return to medical practice and completed a year refresher fellowship in medical oncology at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Dr Myers has practiced oncology in Yuma, AZ since 2001, taking a short hiatus to focus on Nature’s Express. He  is currently a  Medical Oncologist and Chief Medical Officer of Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Myers has been on the Board of Directors for the Pacific Physicians Services of Arizona and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston. He frequently speaks on the topics of Healthcare Reform, Obesity, and Nutrition.