Vegan Breakfast Recipe



  1. In a large pot, bring 2 cups of almond milk to simmer.

  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together turmeric, coconut oil, and vanilla extract to create a flavorful mixture.

  3. Pour the oatmeal into the pot with the almond milk, and stir well. Add the brown sugar if using.

  4. Once the oatmeal has started to thicken, pour the turmeric-coconut oil-vanilla mixture into the pot, stirring constantly to combine all ingredients evenly.

  5. As the oatmeal continues to cook, slice the banana and add it to the pot.

  6. Allow the vegan breakfast to simmer for a few minutes more, ensuring that the oats are fully cooked and the mixture is creamy and smooth.

  7. Serve hot, either straight from the pot or poured into individual bowls. If desired, top with additional fresh fruit, nuts, or seeds for added texture and nutrition. Enjoy your delicious and nourishing Vegan Breakfast Recipe! Remember to adjust the amount of liquid according to your preference, as oatmeal can absorb different amounts of liquid depending on the brand and type used. Always check the label for any potential allergen warnings before consuming. Ensure proper storage and handling of ingredients to maintain food safety standards. Enjoy your healthy and satisfying vegan breakfast! Printable version available upon request. Please let me know if you need any further assistance or modifications to this recipe. Let's start our day off right with a hearty and fulfilling vegan breakfast! Thank you for choosing to eat sustainably and compassionately. Cheers! : ) - [Your name] Chef/Nutritionist. End. Note

This recipe is completely vegan